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What does it take to transform from a beginner to an expert Web developer? What does it take to build scalable enterprise level web applications and land in your dream job? What does it take to think like a programmer and understand real time challenges faced by experienced programmers? Graduate as a Full Stack web developer in 8 weeks. Continue coding with us for 4 more weeks to build a strong portfolio of enterprise level projects


It’s simple - either you get it or you dont..From fundamentals to the most advanced libraries, we adopt a personalized way of imparting knowledge. It could be in the form of one-on- one feedback sessions, where we agree to be brutally honest to each other. Or it could be teaching advanced concepts - we’ll find examples to make things simpler. As we say, it's not just teaching - we make you understand..


Now that you understand concepts, we have to make you code.The alphabet and grammar are universal. Its how we use them to frame text that creates timeless classics. Similarly, it's not just understanding concepts or libraries, it's how you apply them and code to create some of the best web interfaces like Apple or Tesla. @ Code Garage, we activate your senses to apply what you learnt and code multiple projects till you master the craft.


You can understand and code - great..come let’s learn to collaborate and work as a team. Individual projects can sharpen your skills. But the key to get closer to your dream job is to collaborate and deliver team projects. We simulate real time corporate environment and facilitate you to collaborate with fellow trainees by coding in pairs or as one big team. Won't that be fun when your mentor is part of the team and is coding with you?

Build Portfolio

You are a master coder now. What next? Exhibit your skills to hiring managers and peer coders.GitHub or Bitbucket will be your first introduction to the prospective hiring manager. We encourage our trainees to work through git bash from the day of our first assignment. Every line of code gets committed in the GitHub real time. In our program you will be expected to commit at least 50 code snippets and 3 real time projects to your git portfolio.

Get ready for Job Market

Have a great portfolio? - time to hit the market buddy!Our goto market strategy starts with helping you draft the right resume and cover letter. We guide you with proven sample templates and personalize your cover letter. You are then exposed to coding tests adapted by most clients in the valley. We prep you to answer objective questions, scenario based questions and excel with coding challenges. It is hard work all the way my friend - but the rewards are worth it.

Continue Learning

Hunting for jobs? - stick to basics.On an average it takes 2-4 months to land in a job or get an internship as a web developer. Revisit your fundamentals every single day, do not forget to add code snippets and work on more complex projects with each passing day. Analyse your coding pattern - it's not code that works, you will also be judged by the approach you take. Share your experience with peers and inspire each other. Continue to learn and code - as we say, coding is a way of life in the valley.

We will discover the programmer in you - GUARANTEED

But How do we do that?

01. Teach Basics at your pace

The key to start programming is how well you understand basics. Most programs/bootcamps tend to rush basics while we take it slow and steady before we ramp up. Once the trainee understands the nuances of basic programming, progressing to advanced topics is much more easier.

02. Fundamentals are the key

If your fundamentals are not good, there is no point wasting your time in learning advanced frameworks like React or Angular or Node. @ Code Garage, we make your fundamentals in Java Script stronger. We have always challenged trainees with prior programming experience - there is more to learn on fundamentals @ code garage.

03. Will make you think like a coder

Learning to think like a coder is something you develop over a period of time. But there are certain best practices you follow while approaching and solving a problem. It could start by breaking the problem into smaller pieces without losing focus on the big picture, reuse old coding blocks etc. Most importantly being passionate. Guaranteed- our mentor will redefine the meaning of the word “passion” and the good news is - it is contagious!

04. Keep pushing your limits

In programming, it’s always one step at a time. You start by solving simple programs and move on to complex problems. But where do you stop? Is there a saturation point? The truth is - keep pushing your limits with each passing day and your will be amazed to discover what you are truly capable of as a coder and in time you will be well ahead of experienced programmers. Call us and schedule an appointment if you believe in pushing your limits - RIGHT NOW..

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